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Top 30 Most Beautiful Actresses in 2019★



The most beautiful actresses – all women are beautiful in their own way, but who is your favorite?

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  1. Best Movie Trailer

    December 9, 2019 at 5:29 am

    All actresses are beautiful in their own way, but who is your favorite?

  2. Einstein 55

    December 9, 2019 at 5:29 am

    whats with Adrianne Palicki? she is also very hot ;P

  3. pauljrhere

    December 9, 2019 at 5:29 am

    i hope this list is not meant to be in order because if it is then boy did you screw up.

  4. Tabitha Poisal

    December 9, 2019 at 5:29 am

    Beauty is obviously seen differently on everyone BUT That Being Said… How Are Any Of These Women More Beautiful Than Jennifer Lopez Who's Not Even On The List And Damn Near Perfect In Body Shape Looks Sex Appeal And Classic Behavior ???

  5. Paul Pardo

    December 9, 2019 at 5:29 am

    Natalie Portman mi favorita y la más hermosa para mi

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Miss Manhattan Audrey Munson Is the Supermodel You’ve Never Heard Of



At the height of her celebrity, Munson made a career choice that unknowingly set a standard for more than a century of models to come: She pivoted to acting. First on the stage, but soon the burgeoning film industry was interested in her, and she was interested in anything.

In 1916, in a dazzling example of turn-of-the-century Christian solidarity, the Baptist, Presbyterian, and Catholic congregations of New Rochelle, New York, came together to rally against a local screening of Inspiration, on the basis that the film was morally corrupt and unsuitable for public consumption. The film depicts, for the first time in American history, female nudity without pornographic intent — Munson plays a model and muse to a sculptor who falls in love with her but not until after he’s covered her naked body in plaster. A group of high school students who had gathered for the canceled screening returned home, crestfallen.

Getty Images

“Where is she now, this model who was so beautiful?”

The same year, Munson also decamped for California, where she became one of the earliest American wellness influencers. “Health is certainly the first wealth, and usually the means of every other wealth,” she wrote in one of her semifrequent newspaper columns. “Most healthy people, if not actually beautiful, are certainly good to see.”

Her career barely survived the decade. Film opportunities would materialize and vaporize instantly, like water droplets on a hot iron — the New York Herald described the closing of her film Purity as due to a “sad, but entirely natural lack of interest.” An increasingly frustrated Munson wrote a bizarre letter to the United States government accusing a slew of individuals, including movie and stage producers, of pro-German sympathy in the wake of World War I. Munson believed that, as a woman of English descent, they were conspiring to end her career. A gripping murder-suicide involving a doctor who was obsessed with Munson soured public opinion, and eventually her work dried up entirely — she and her mother moved to upstate New York, where both would live for the rest of their lives.

Not a decade after becoming Miss Manhattan, Munson attempted suicide by drinking poison, shortly after receiving a telegram from her “Most Perfect Man” calling off their impending marriage. She and her mother lived meagerly in their small town, where Munson was regarded as an eccentric, often serving as the scapegoat for unexplained town mischief. At age 40, Munson’s mother had her committed to an asylum. Decades later, journalist James Bone traveled to Oswego County, New York, where, with cooperation from some of Munson’s relatives, he was able to unseal the commitment documents. Her mother had described “depression, delusions, hallucinations,” and despite normal physical evaluations from doctors, the judge approved the motion. The petition was, Bone noted, filed on her birthday. She lived there until she died, the horizons of her world narrowing to a compound of buildings somewhere near the Canadian border.

“What becomes of the artists’ models?” Munson asked in a column published in 1921. “I am wondering if many of my readers have not stood before a masterpiece of lovely sculpture or a remarkable painting of a young girl, her very abandonment of draperies accentuating rather than diminishing her modesty and purity, and asked themselves the question, Where is she now, this model who was so beautiful?”

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Chanel Golden Light Baume Essentiel Review & Swatches



Golden Light

Chanel Golden Light Baume Essentiel ($45.00 for 0.28 oz.) is a light copper with moderate, warm undertones paired with a glossy finish with subtle pearl. It has an emollient, wetter feel that leaves behind a shinier, glossier finish that doesn’t fully set or dry down, though it doesn’t slide around (surprisingly). The balmy quality seems to give it better spreadability, especially over base products, as I didn’t struggle with it lifting up complexion products.

It worked well applied directly from the tube, patted on with fingertips, or using a synthetic brush, though I prefer fingertip application myself as it gave the control I wanted without lifting up base products (and faster and easier to clean than a brush). It had sheer coverage, which was as expected, that gave a dewy finish with a hint of pearl but very little color (someone fairer might see more color and someone deeper might get more of a highlighting effect). There was still a distinctive glossiness to my cheeks after eight hours of wear, and it was only just barely starting to migrate/move at that point.

The product didn’t wear as well on eyes as it slipped around and creased quickly, though it was lightweight enough that I didn’t feel like I had a glossy balm on my lids. It worked better dabbed below the brow bone to add shine without worrying about the product gathering in my fine lines. As a lip product, it was very lightweight with subtle shine but as one might expect with a multi-tasking product but doesn’t feel as comfortable nor as long-wearing (two hours at best) as a traditional lip balm or a lip gloss.


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