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This city has been named as the UK’s cultural centre



A report from the European Commission has shown that Glasgow is the top cultural and creative centre in the UK.

The study ranked 190 cities across 30 European countries, and recognised Glasgow as being the highest in the UK due to its ‘openness, tolerance and trust’, as well as its ‘cultural participation and attractiveness’.

London came second in the study, followed by Bristol in third, Brighton in fourth, and Manchester in fifth.

Scottish capital Edinburgh just missed out on the top five, coming in at sixth place overall.

The European Commission’s report said, ‘Glasgow was one of the first European capitals of culture, in 1990. Known as an industrial city, it has now gained recognition as a creative and cultural centre of European importance.’

Glasgow has five of Scotland’s six national performing arts companies: the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, National Theatre of Scotland, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Scottish Opera and Scottish Ballet, so there’s plenty to see if you love the theatre.

Credit: Getty Images

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Bridget McConnell from Glasgow Life commented on the results, saying, “We always knew Glasgow was a global cultural leader and we’re delighted that the European Commission has confirmed our position of the UK’s leading cultural and creative city.”

She described the city as “bursting with energy, passion and creativity and filled with artists, designers, creators and innovators”.

Glasgow Life is a charitable organisation that aims to inspire the city’s citizens and tourists to lead richer, more active lives through culture, sport and learning.

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They deliver these activities on behalf of Glasgow City Council, hoping to have a positive impact on communities through art, sport and interactivity.

They look at arts and music, communities, libraries, museums, sport and young Glasgow, which provides services and activities for young people.

Bridget continued, “We have world-class museums and galleries, incredible architecture and history and, as a Unesco City of Music, there’s nowhere better to enjoy a gig.

“What’s more, our openness, tolerance and trust has been rated as the best in Europe, confirming what we already know, that our people make Glasgow the best city in the world.”


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12 women on how much they give and why.



Wishing wells are a divisive thing.

They might cut out the emotional labour that comes with finding the perfect wedding present, but in return, you’ve got to contend with the umm-ing and ahh-ing over how much to give.

You don’t want to blow the budget, but you don’t want to come across as a tight arse either.

It’s a delicate balance.

Wedding Wishing Well: Yes or no? How much? Post continues below.

To clear up the confusion – or maybe add to it, soz – we asked 12 women how they navigate the tricky financial decision, including what factors they consider.

And their answers were absolutely fascinating.

From absolutely nothing to $500, this is what they said.


“We live rurally, with most of our family in the capital cities. So adding in hours of travel, fuel, accommodation etc. we sometimes don’t give anything! I believe you’re there to celebrate and can give as much or as little (nothing) as you want.”


“I think anything less than $50 per person is rude. Unless of course the guest is unemployed or has fallen on hard times, which I’m sure the bride and groom would understand. I am not partnered and give $100.”


“150 per person. I feel like that covers the cost of your seat. I’ll do $200 if it’s a close friend, $500 if I’m in the Bridal party and $100 if it’s a destination wedding.”


“Minimum $150 – to cover the cost of your seat plus extra. I pay more if I’m in the Bridal Party – around $500 usually plus a gift from the Bridal Party. So expensive!”


“Depends how much the engagement present and hens party cost and whether I had to travel far for the wedding (and if I’m in the Bridal party or not). But I think $100 to $150 per person is reasonable.”


“I’m poor. I walk up and say into the wishing well ‘I wish you well’. If they know me enough to invite me to there wedding, they know I will be doing this. My friends know me, and that I hate weddings. By the time I get to the wedding, I have been to a bridal shower, a bachelorette party (sometimes interstate), or as some expensive holiday house for a few days. I have been a bridesmaid EIGHT TIMES, every time I had to pay for my own dress, the transport and/or paying for a hotel. The last four weddings have cost me $2400-$6790.”


“I think it’s based off your own income. I went to heaps and heaps of my friends’ weddings in my early 20s when I was a cadet newspaper journalist earning under $40,000 a year, so I used to only give $50, but on top of my flights and other things, that was what I could afford and I think that’s ok. Also, I’m giving no one $500 to get married, sorry, not even my own family.”


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