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Suzanne Rogers Presents Victoria Beckham Spring 2020: Fashion Takes Over Toronto



Photography by George Pimentel

A portion of the sales made from those drooling over Beckham’s collection will be donated to charities.

The tangle of Bentleys, Teslas and Range Rovers in the streets around Loretta Rogers home brought a few blocks of Toronto’s tony Forest Hill neighbourhood to a standstill yesterday. The source of the mayhem was Victoria Beckham, in town to present her Spring 2020 collection as part of Suzanne Rogers Presents, the biannual fundraiser spearheaded by Loretta’s daughter-in-law. Suzanne, the city’s number one fashion cheerleader, and event co-chair Sylvia Mantella, who ranks a close second, welcomed guests inside a massive tent erected in Loretta’s backyard. Around 300 (mostly) women roamed amid several bars before heading to the dining area to take in the parade of ‘70s-style pantsuits and plunging caftan-y dresses (hello Halston!).

“You all have order forms at your table and I’m going to be lurking around so if anyone has any questions or wants styling advice, please feel free to come and ask me,” Beckham said, reminding all that, thanks to the support of Net-a-Porter, 20 per cent of the take would benefit Camp Oochigeas and The Penelope Neuroblastoma Foundation, named for a 4-year-old who died of the disease and whose parents were in the crowd.

And what a crowd it was, dressed to thrill as has (thankfully) become the norm in this city.

“Is this what women wear to lunch these days? Backless and sequins?” one society matron mused surveying the scene. In the age of Instagram, and Rogers/Mantella-level fashion enthusiasm, the answer is yes.


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The Masked Singer Season 2 Theories and Predictions: Who Are the Celebs?



If you’re reading this, it’s too late. You belong to The Masked Singer now. And frankly, there’s no saving yourself, so ya might as well lean TF in and join me in this delightful paradise (read: hellscape).

As you likely know, The Masked Singer consists of several not-at-all-irrelevant celebrities going head-to-head in a singing competition. And now the time has come to figure out which D-listers are lurking behind their absolutely haunting masks. The Egg (shudder), the Ice Cream, the Panda, and the Eagle have already been revealed over in our Masked Singer tracker, but we’ve yet to find out who’s cowering inside the likes of the Black Widow, the Tree, the Penguin, the Flower, the Skeleton, the Flamingo, the Rottweiler, the Butterfly, the Ladybug, the Leopard, the Fox, and the aptly named Thingamajig. Fortunately, the internet is very bored right now and spending a lot of time theorizing, so let’s form a prayer circle and figure this sh*t out.

The Skeleton

Theories: Dana Carvey, Christopher Meloni, Stephen King

IDK about you, but I personally identify with the Skeleton due to being dead inside! But anyway, here’s what we know from The Masked Singer’s very unhelpful clue segment: This poor bag o’ bones had an IRL near-death experience, used the phrase “Party on!” (hmm…could this be a Wayne’s World reference?), talked about playing “second fiddle” (GARTH, IS THAT YOU?!), and sat next to a tombstone that read “4261.”

Even the typically deeply confused judges guessed Dana Carvey on this one, because c’mon. Who else could it be?!

It should be noted, though, that there are some truly bonkers theories floating around about that tombstone number:

The Reveal: Paul Shaffer

I know, right? Literally everyone was wrong! It’s truly mind-boggling that the Skeleton isn’t Dana Carvey, so I guess I have no choice but to assume Paul Shaffer is literally just another costume and Dana will emerge from him at a later date.

The Ladybug

Theories: a Kardashian, Lily Collins, Jamie Lynn Spears, Miley Cyrus, Kyle Richards, Kelly Osbourne, Jordyn Woods

The Ladybug is a bit of a mystery thus far—mostly because I’ll never fully understand why any human would wear this outfit in public. But here’s what we know from the show’s clues: she was born famous, has endured a “lifetime of drama,” says the media was always “keeping up” (!!!!!) with her, and used the term “family feud.”

The judges thought our girl could be Lily Collins (AHAHHAHA, dream big, guys) or Jamie Lynn Spears—who honestly seems like a favorite among the show’s victims fans on Twitter:

I’m inclined to think it’s a Kardashian, but honestly, Miley Cyrus is also a fave:

Here are some other names floating around that seem like legit contenders (and for a more detailed breakdown head this way):

The Reveal: Kelly Osbourne

Surprise! The Ladybug is Kelly Osbourne, and to quote her immortal words upon being revealed, “I literally sh*t myself every week.” Same!

The Thingamajig

Theories: Stephen Curry, Michael Strahan, Victor Oladipo

The Thingamajig, a creature so horrifying that The Masked Singer couldn’t even come up with a real name and has delivered a bunch of pretty obvious clues about his identity. But before we get to them, please send some “love and light” to this person on Twitter:

Anyway, our terrifying little friend says he’s more than “fashion shoots and dreams,” was holding a pair of sneakers and a briefcase in his clue segment, and blew out a #4 candle.

While the judges (who never have any idea WTF they’re talking about) guessed Stephen Curry or Michael Strahan, the internet is convinced the Thingamajig is Pacers #4 Victor Oladipo:

Especially after hearing him sing:

The Butterfly

Theories: Cher Lloyd, Millie Bobby Brown, Michelle Williams

Apparently, the Butterfly has been “waiting patiently in her cocoon” for the “promise of metamorphosis,” and frankly, I’m scared. We also know she has connections to London, is ready to admit she’s ~powerless~, and seems pretty religious.

A lot of people are theorizing that the Butterfly is Cher Lloyd because of the whole London thing, which, sure, but I’m gonna need a few more clues to be convinced here.

Then there’s the Michelle Williams corner of the internet:

And frankly, all I care about is this theory:

The Rottweiler

Theories: Bruno Mars, Chris Daughtry

In perhaps the most horrifying moment from this season, the Rottweiler uttered the sentence, “I touched the pigskin under the Friday night lights,” during his clue segment. Which I hope to God means he’s a football player and/or Friday Night Lights actor versus someone who likes fondling pigs under a spotlight. So, why the rottweiler mask? He was bitten by one as a kid!

FYI, the judges think the Rottweiler might be Bruno Mars (bless), and honestly, some corners of Twitter seem just as deluded convinced:

But most of the internet thinks our very good boy is American Idol’s Chris Daughtry and there’s a TON of evidence to unpack over this way:

The Tree

Theories: Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay, Mariah Carey, Ayesha Curry, Elvira, Lea Michele

Considering the Tree claims The Masked Singer is her first foray into live performing, loves jazz and cooking, is basically only relevant around the holidays, and seems big into the number 30, I’m thinking it’s not Scarlett Johansson.

In fact, everyone seems to be extremely confused about who this bizarre plant is. Full and semi-exhausting deets this way, but guesses include Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay, and even Mariah Carey (HAHAHAH, okay, guys):

The Flamingo

Theory: Adrienne Bailon

We’ve done an entire deep dive into the identity of the Flamingo, but spoiler alert: It’s almost definitely Adrienne Bailon from the Cheetah Girls. This way for the evidence.


The Leopard

Theories: Brendon Urie, RuPaul, Seal, Billy Porter

The Leopard’s costume, while catastrophic (whatever, I make no apologies for what this show has done to my puns!), contains a lot of clues. The biggest being that the silhouette was specifically made to hide this person’s body. We also know The Masked Singer’s resident freaky feline has a potentially fake British accent and is accustomed to the spotlight.

The verdict’s still out, but most people are convinced the Leopard is Seal thanks to next-level leaps of logic like this:

Costume: Leopard
Singer: Seal
Actual animal: Leopard Seal 😏

Of course, there are also plenty of Brendon Urie truthers out there based on the fact that the Leopard made reference to knowing a president (Brendon sang for Obama!), and meanwhile, a ton of people think it’s RuPaul or Billy Porter.

The Fox

Theories: Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Renner, Sebastian Stan, Robert Downey Jr.

Okay, so the Fox is almost definitely a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe based on costume clues alone (that bionic arm!), not to mention the fact that he declared himself a superhero. And while there are some compelling theories about our foxy friend being Samuel L. Jackson and Sebastian Stan, say it with me: THE FOX IS JEREMY RENNER.

Not only does Jeremy play Hawkeye (peep the Fox’s glowing eye) in the MCU, but he’s also a singer IRL. And his song “Main Attraction” is sorta similar to the music in that Masked Singer clue video.

PLUS, Jeremy plays a fox in the upcoming animated movie Arctic Dogs! IT JUST ADDS UP!!!!!

The Penguin

Theories: Sherri Shepherd, Tonya Harding, Raven-Symoné, Tamar Braxton

Thanks to a very scary clue package, we know the Penguin is deep in her feels. She is “incredibly expressive,” has been told her entire life that she’s not pretty/smart/funny enough (rude!), says she’s “not your secretary,” and says she doesn’t need your “permission slip.” Oh, and she has a photo of Queen Rania of Jordan on her vanity.

All those seemingly random clues have fans thinking the Penguin is Sherri Shepherd, and you can head here for the full details. But here’s a tease: Sherri’s show on 30 Rock was literally called Queen of Jordan AND she wrote a book called Permission Slips.

That said, some fans are thinking Tonya, Raven, or Tamar will come out of that poor bird head, so we’ll see.

The Reveal: Sherri Shepherd

If you guessed Sherri, you! were! correct! Allllllll the clues made sense: the Penguin was described as “incredibly expressive,” said she’s “not your secretary” (Sherri worked as a legal secretary!), and notably had a photo of Queen Rania of Jordan on her vanity. Reminder: Sherri’s 30 Rock character had a fake show called Queen of Jordan!

The Flower

Theories: Patti LaBelle, Mayim Bialik, Tina Tuner

Okay, so it’s definitely Patti. The hard evidence you need is right over here, but consider the clues: The Flower has dabbled in cooking, blossoms in every field she’s in, is a “legend,” and used the term “vision of love” while talking about herself. Meanwhile, Patti’s goddaughter is “Vision of Love” songstress Mariah Carey, she’s known for her floral arrangements and Patti’s Pies, and she’s most definitely a legend.

I mean, it seems obvious to me—but fans still think it COOOOOULD be Tina or Mayim:

The Reveal: Patti LaBelle

The judges have literally never been more correct, for obvious reasons. Everyone who got it wrong should be ASHAMED. Kidding, this is just a reality show.

The Black Widow

Theories: Amber Riley, Yvette Nicole Brown, Raven-Symoné

Thanks to the fact that the Black Widow likes tarot cards and peaches, has an “empire,” and has spent years “living in the public eye,” the judges guessed that she was Amber Riley or Yvette Nicole Brown. However, we know that said judges are almost always wrong so this is essentially useless information.

Fans, on the other hand, think the Black Widow could be Raven-Symoné and THAT theory more than makes sense. Not only was Raven in an episode of Empire on FOX, but she also played a psychic on That’s So Raven (hence the tarot card reference) and is from Georgia (hence the peach reference). I, for one, am convinced, but if you’re not, more theories lie this way.

The Reveal: Raven-Symoné

To put it simply: That’s SO Raven. Everyone paying attention to the clue packages was right on.

That’s all for now, but we’ll be updating this with additional theories as more ~masked singers~ perform!


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Tik tok chinese girl in street clothes cute Fashion || Hello bon officila ep6



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We’ve Found the Very Best Shoes for Winter



Winter presents many sartorial dilemmas: Will your chunky knit fit under your tailored coat? Is one pair of tights enough to withstand the chill? How many layers can I wear without looking like Joey Tribbiani wearing all of Chandler Bing’s clothes? The biggest quandary of them all, however, is which shoes to wear over the course of the next few months. 

Of course, practicality is key, but that doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on style. From the pair of boots that serves up form and function in equal measure to the flats you can don with tights as well as bare feet without the risk of frostbite, keep scrolling to discover the best shoes for winter. You can also shop the pairs we love. 


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