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Naomi Osaka Shows Off Her Off-Court Skills At The 2020 Melbourne Open



With Naomi Osaka set to hit the court today for her first matchup of this year’s Australian Open in Melbourne, she still had time to delve into her other passions; technology.

I’ve been on the ground today exploring what the Australian Open has to offer beyond the tennis. The Breakthrough Room has definitely been a highlight, I loved Challenge One, where my team and I had to solve the puzzle through Mastercard’s Sonic sound. I’ll confess, I did need to use two clues, so I’m looking forward to seeing who scores the fastest time and asking them how they did it,” said Naomi Osaka, Japanese tennis player and winner of the 2019 Australian Open.

Naomi Osaka at the Mastercard Innovation Hub attempting ‘The Breakthrough Room’ Challenge

Releasing today, Naomi gave us a sneak peek of the immersive pop-up game, ‘The Breakthrough Room’, a futuristic journey into the world of Mastercard payments that Australian Open goers can play in the attempt to win a luxurious prize.

The game takes consumers on a fun and futuristic journey through the world of technology payments and the technology that goes into making every tap seamless,” said Rich Wormald, Division President, Australasia, Mastercard.

Challenging teams will start by choosing a team name and collecting a device that is used to make payments and provide clues for the three ensuing challenges.

Challenge #1

Teams must arrange audio pieces in the right order to produce the Mastercard Sonic melody. When the challenge is complete, the chime will sound.

Challenge #2

Naomi Osaka, the breakthrough room
Naomi Osaka takes on ‘The Breakthrough Room’ Challenge 2

Teams must build a token by choosing the correct puzzle pieces available to them on the touch-sensitive wall. The token protects the team’s method of payment.

Challenge #3

The team must then use the clues to find and buy courtside tickets (one of the prizes on offer)

Tennis, performance, recovery and fan experience continue to evolve thanks to tech and innovation. Technology is a huge passion of mine, and I really put that passion to the test today at Mastercard’s Breakthrough Room,” added Naomi.

Naomi set the bar quite high finishing the challenge in just 3 minutes and 36 seconds. Teams will have to try and beat that time if they want to win the prize of Reserve Tickets to the AO21 men’s finals, as well as flights and accommodation in a five-star hotel.

Technology and tennis are my two big passions, so I was feeling pretty confident going into the Breakthrough Room. It’s a little harder than it looks, but I had a lot of fun! Good luck to everyone who takes on the challenge,” said Naomi

Australian Open attendees can attempt the challenge at the Mastercard Innovation Hub, Melbourne Park Sports and Entertainment, with it being available until the second of February open to tennis-lovers from 10 am to 7 pm.

You can also follow Naomi Osaka’s Australian Open journey here.


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10 Things You Didn’t Know about Styles P



Styles P is a hip-hop star whose rise to become one of the best rappers in the music industry is admirable. His style of music is a clear representation of philosophy and the hypocrisy in America. Like any other rapper, styles P likes to use thought-provoking metaphors in his songs which depict the vile and dangerous conditions that many African-Americans were experiencing in America. He first started in a rap group known as The Lox alongside his two friends; Jadakiss and Sheek Louch. Together, they started performing on the streets and other local entertainment spots. They quickly became a success due to their lyrical prowess and later on signed with Bad Boy records. Besides being an acclaimed rapper, here are ten things you probably did not know about Styles P.

1. Early life

Styles P was born as David Styles in 1974 to a South African mother and a Jamaican father. He lived in Corona, Queens with his parents. After the divorce of his parents, Styles P and his brother moved with their mother to Yonkers. Here, he developed a strong liking for hip hop music and eventually ventured out into rapping as a group known as The Lox.

2. Musical Career

The Lox first started making songs in 1994. During this time, they mainly performed street freestyles and amassed an enormous following. Later on, the group met with renowned Singer-Mary J Blige who was impressed with the group and decided to link them with a major record label in the industry; Bad Boy records. The label was owned by a major music mogul popularly known as Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. Linking up with Bad Boy Records was a significant stride for this group as they would later collaborate with other major players in the music industry such as Notorious B.I.G, Maria Carey, Mary J Blige and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. This was a huge deal for the group. Additionally, Lox first album Money, Power, Respect was certified platinum upon release in 1997. Despite the massive success of the album, Lox fell out with Bad Boy Records and decided to join the Ruff Ryder Records in 2000. Lox would, later on, release a new album titled We Are the Streets. The album was a success and among the top thirty US Billboard Hot 100 Albums. Styles P eventually released his first solo album titled A Gangster and A Gentleman in 2002. The album peaked at number twenty-two in US Billboard Hot 100. He would release ten more albums in his career with the Ruff Ryders Record group. Most of these albums were well received, especially in the American markets.

3. Family Life

Styles P married his wife, Adjua, in 1995. She bore him a son, in 1998, who he named Noah. His wife had come with a daughter- Taj – from a previous relationship and therefore Style P became a stepfather to her.

4. Dealing with Family Tragedies

In 2001, Styles P was hugely affected by the death of his younger brother Gary. Gary was involved in a road accident that ended up costing him his life. In his song, my brother, he talks deeply about how he was hurt by this loss and the moments he shared with his brother. In 2015, Styles stepdaughter committed suicide. In an interview with the breakfast club radio show, he talks about the suicide and how hard it was to cope with the loss of his daughter.

5. Business Ventures

Styles P was among the first rappers to venture into healthy living. He, alongside his childhood friend Jadakiss, co-own four vegan juice bars located in New York. This venture is in support of a healthy life, especially for the many African-Americans living in low-income neighborhoods.

6. He has Served Time.

In 2002, Styles P was involved in an altercation that led to his eventual arrest. He had stabbed a man and therefore had to serve an 8-month prison sentence in New York. He was later released in 2003 after successfully serving his prison sentence. Styles would, later on, talk about his aggression and how he came to understand and manage his emotions in an interview with Vibe magazine.

7. He is an Author

Besides being an entrepreneur, Styles has also successfully finished writing his first novel. The novel titled ‘Invincible’ was published by Random House Group and released in 2010. The book was well received in the market with Ashley and JaQuavis- one of New York’s best sellers- describing the book as a “ well-crafted street masterpiece that could only be told through the eyes of someone who lived in it.”

8. He’s Helped Many Rappers Achieve Success

Even though he enjoyed a long and successful rap career, Styles P has never ceased being humble. Currently, he tries to mold upcoming rappers to enable them succeed in the very competitive music industry. For this reason, he collaborated with Dave East, an upcoming hip hop rapper based in New York. Their joint album titled the Beloved was a huge success.

9. He Loves Rock Music

Besides being heavily influenced by rap music, styles developed a considerable liking for 80s rock music. He loves listening to Bon Jovi, Phil Collins, and Hall and Oates. He attributes his love for rock music to watching MTV related programs.

10. His Net worth

With his massive success in both album and mixtape sales and revenue from his business ventures, Styles P has amassed a fortune that totals $4 million.


Despite his humble beginnings and violent past, Styles P has continuously strive to produce the best hip hop content. His ability to channel all the negative thoughts and events that occurred in his life into music has sure worked out to his advantage.To date, he is a re-known hip-hop artist. He has also influenced many rappers and paved way for them to be successful in the music industry. Furthermore, he helps African-Americans living in low-income neighborhoods by providing other healthier eating alternatives. These feats have earned him recognition and respect in the hip-hop industry.


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Stylish Summer fashion style – Plus Size Curvy Outfit Ideas – Gorgeous Fashion Model



Stylish Summer fashion style – Plus Size Curvy Outfit Ideas – Gorgeous Fashion Model

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