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On a Nude Beach With My Parents, Baring Almost All



As the day progressed, the bucking in my chest subsided. Idle conversation, ocean dips that soaked my parents’ shorts, a shared taboo experience — it fostered a closeness, warmed by their willingness to push boundaries, for a time, at least. Until Tarzan strutted in our direction, his large endowment at half-mast. My mother glanced up from her book as his fluffed genitals passed at eye level, less than two feet away.

She examined her nails.

“Mom? Time to go?”

“The sun,” she nodded, her voice strained. “The sun is too hot.”

That evening at dinner, our relationship shifted. We were comrades cloistered in a booth, emboldened by inhibition-free nudists. Laughter loosened us — Who brings a goat? Does he always strut? We hadn’t freed our undercarriages to the ocean breeze, but Little Beach had stripped a layer of emotional clothing, enough for me to reveal a painful secret.

Chopsticks down, I choked out a confession about a failed relationship that ended in an early midlife crisis. I had achieved my dream of the perfect marriage — an affluent gay couple, two high-profile jobs, two homes, two swanky cars — only to find it an illusion, depressing, empty.

My father, the first to well up, pushed at fried tempura. My mother, shoulders compressed, placed her hand on mine.

Our shared experience opened a dialogue.

Our vacations became a ritual — Italy, London, Australia, Prague. Over time, I removed layers of exoskeleton, revealed more flaws of my soft-bodied underbelly and what it meant to be a gay man. In turn, they revealed what it meant to have a gay son, their hopes and fears, misunderstandings and shame. And eventually, their pride.

Just as I have now come to love the beauty in the chipped edges of my mother’s shells, I came to see my imperfect self through my parents’ eyes and to know that I am a keeper. That I am enough.

Matt Knight is a San Francisco-based writer and intellectual property lawyer at work on two novels.


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What is this all about? // Prioritize Natural Wellness



Hey, I’m Jordan, a twenty something year old trying to merge the communication of online media with my brick and mortar wellness office. I’ve learned a lot through owning my own gym, coaching CrossFit for 5+ years and finishing a 750 hour massage therapy program, and I’m continuing to learn more every day. I’d like to share the adventure in the hopes that it can help somebody else along the way.

What are your initial feelings when someone says health and wellness? What does that mean for you? (Leave a comment down below with your thoughts!)


All the things:

TWITTER: @prioritizenwell
INSTAGRAM: @prioritizenwellness

Disclaimer: All the thoughts and opinions found on this channel are simply ideas and perspectives for you to consider. Always consult your doctor before changing your health and fitness regime.


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Can Online Reviews Help Health Inspectors Keep Tabs on Restaurants?



Latest Infectious Disease News

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 22, 2020 (HealthDay News) — Could that nasty online review you wrote about your neighborhood restaurant help the local health inspector do a better job?

Yes, according to researchers who found that such reviews may help monitor a restaurant’s cleanliness between health inspections.

Because local health departments have to deal with so many restaurants — for example, there are 20,000 restaurants in New York City — there could be long stretches between inspections, the researchers noted.

But their study suggests that online reviews by customers could help keep restaurants on their toes between inspections.

The researchers compared health department hygiene inspections at New York City restaurants from 2010 to 2016 with associated online reviews for the same restaurants.

Online reviews of restaurants can provide city officials with information that can help identify restaurants that are likely at risk for significant cleanliness violations even after receiving high grades in the most recent inspection, the study authors said.

Online reviews can also identify restaurants that are consistently diligent about cleanliness, according to the report published online recently in the journal Information Systems Research.

“Online reviews of restaurants can effectively identify cases of hygiene violations even after the restaurants have been inspected and certified, thereby identifying moral hazard,” said study co-author Shawn Mankad, from Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y.

Mankad worked with Jorge Mejia of Indiana University and Anand Gopal of the University of Maryland to create a social media-based dictionary that captures counts of hygiene-related words in online reviews of restaurants.

“Based on the dictionary word counts, we find that roughly 30% of all restaurants in New York City deteriorate in terms of their hygiene within 90 days of certification from the health department,” Mankad said in a journal news release.

“Augmenting the hygiene inspection regimen with information from online reviews would enhance the effectiveness of these inspections long-term,” Mankad added.

— Robert Preidt

Copyright © 2020 HealthDay. All rights reserved.


Bowel regularity means a bowel movement every day.
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SOURCE: Information Systems Research, news release, Jan. 13, 2020


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