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Faithful Demand Cancellation of Disney Cartoon Promoting Witchcraft to Children — Women of GraceWomen of Grace



Before Christmas, it was a book teaching children how to contact demons; now it’s a new Disney cartoon series called The Owl House that not only promotes witchcraft to children, it features a sorceress and a “friendly” demon who help a young girl fulfill her dream of becoming a witch.

The alarming trend of blatant indoctrination of children into the occult continued on January 10 when Disney launched a new cartoon series aimed at children ages 7+ which features a young girl who becomes a witch’s apprentice and befriends a demon who helps her to learn the trade.

As Newsweek describes, “The Owl House stars Luz, a bright-eyed teenage human girl, who wanders into a portal that leads her to the Boiling Isles. In a world full of ghouls, monsters and demons, Luz finds comfort and aid with Eda the Owl Lady, a powerful sorceress who has her own fascination with human trinkets and doo-dads. Together with King, a pipsqueak demon with a desire for chaos, Luz spends her time learning the basics of witchcraft.”

The creator of the series, Dana Terrace, who grew up in Catholic schools, has a love for religious painters such as John Bauer and Hieronymus Bosch, and thought their “twisted takes on angels and demons would make for a ‘cool show in that art style’,” she told Newsweek. “I was exorcising some demons by working from them,” Terrace said.

She approached artist Ricky Cometa of the Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe to help her with the project, telling him that she wanted to “make this demon realm a part of Disney.”

He went along with her plan, saying that, “We really wanted to make this demon realm feel like home, and just had to figure out how to do it.”

As a result, they created a demon world that was “70 percent made up” with the “names of demons and witches thrown in to add depth.” Newsweek reports that “the writers room for the show is full of books on witchcraft, witches and spells to take inspiration from.”

Inspiration? Is that what they’re calling it? Terrace, who also admits to being influenced by Pokemon, mentioned no concern about the spiritual dangers this kind of show might pose to children during the interview. Instead, she praised Disney for allowing the show to go on. “I am always trying to push them to go a little bit darker and weirder because I find that stuff fun.”

Unfortunately, “darker and weirder” might look exciting on the silver screen, but the ideas it can put into the heads of impressionable young children can hardly be described as fun. This is especially true when the occult is presented as something to aspire to, and demons, with their enormous and terrifying powers, are naively presented as friendly little “pipsqueaks.” This combines to leave children with a “false positive” view of the occult arts that is dangerously unrealistic.

As the explains, “The show tries to portray witchcraft as a positive tool to fight evil. That’s similar to what real-life witches have been promoting over the past few years as they’ve been putting hexes on President Trump and others in order to fight for their beliefs.”

Regardless of the popular spin being put on these practices, there’s no getting around Scripture;s explicit condemnation of the dark arts in Deuteronomy 18:10 which warns the faithful not to count among themselves anyone who “practices divination, or is a soothsayer, augur, or sorcerer, or who casts spells, consults with ghosts or spirits, or seeks oracles from the dead…Anyone who does such things is an abomination to God.”

The reason these people are abominations is not because the Lord is an old stodge who doesn’t want people to have any fun. It’s because those who practice the dark arts have brought grievous suffering upon themselves and the people of God by calling upon demons whose sole goal is to destroy. They’re never “friendly” and only the grossly uninformed would present them in such a way to the public, let alone to young children.

For all of the above reasons, the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) has launched a petition to Disney to immediately cancel this series.

“This is a normalization of witchcraft and Satanism to kids,” TFP writes. “Outrageous!”

If you agree, sign here!

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‘Rough sex’ as a defence for murder is grotesque victim-blaming | Sian Norris | Opinion



The killer of British backpacker Grace Millane has been sentenced to life in prison in New Zealand. Millane’s mother, Gillian, told her daughter’s killer: “You have taken my daughter’s future and robbed us of so many memories that we were going to create.”

The horrific murder of Millane, who met her killer (who cannot be named for legal reasons) on a Tinder date, has focused attention on the increasing use of the “sex game gone wrong” defence by men who kill women. It’s a defence that can only be described as victim-blaming taken to its most grotesque extreme. Here we have increasing numbers of men blaming women for the fatal violence committed against them, suggesting women can somehow consent to their own deaths (which is legally impossible) while claiming they themselves cannot be held responsible. It’s time the use of this defence stopped – for good.

In a twisted reversal, the defence also positions men as hapless victims of women’s sexual demands. After all, how can it be his fault if he was just doing what she wanted? It argues men don’t know that, for example, strangling, beating and cutting a woman’s neck isn’t dangerous, and so they cannot be blamed.

But that’s nonsense. Millane’s killer strangled her for 10 minutes. As the sentencing judge explained, that’s not “rough sex”. It’s violence.

The campaigning group We Can’t Consent to This, which tirelessly records the use of this defence, believes “sex game gone wrong” was first used in 1972, when Carole Califono died after her partner Peter Drinkwater injected her with anaesthetics. He argued he was trying to “satisfy her perverted sexual desires”, and was sentenced to 12 years for manslaughter.

For 40 years the use of the defence was relatively rare. But since 2010, it has rocketed by 90%, with 28 cases of men claiming a woman died as a result of a “sex game gone wrong”. The oldest victim in the past 10 years was 66-year-old Lesley Potter – although this was just one of many excuses used by her killer. The youngest was 16-year-old Hannah Pearson, whose death I can’t think about without starting to cry. James Morton killed Hannah hours after they met, saying she “didn’t object” when he started to strangle her. He was convicted of manslaughter.

Morton and Drinkwater aren’t the only men who have used the defence. Six cases since 2010 led to a manslaughter conviction, including that of Natalie Connolly in 2018. She sustained 40 injuries and was left for dead at the foot of a staircase. Her killer, John Broadhurst, argued it was rough sex, and was sentenced to 44 months.

The defence also re-victimises the women it is used against, and victimises their families.

During the trial of Millane’s killer, the use of the defence led to her sexual history being raked over the coals. Tabloid headlines in the UK and around the world joined in with the killer’s claims by focusing on her dating past. The New York Post, in a particularly egregious headline, repeated without question her killer’s claims of what she asked for in sexual terms in the hours before her death. Other news outlets chose to focus on her membership of a fetish website, and her alleged requests for BDSM practices.

Of course, Millane can’t defend herself against his claims and the headlines his words spawned. Dead women don’t get a voice. Meanwhile, the people who knew and loved her had to listen to a panoply of voices shift blame from the man who strangled her on to a 22-year-old woman for daring to have a sexual past.

Such victim-blaming leads to another terrifying consequence of the sex game gone wrong defence. If past consent to certain sexual acts can be used against a woman in court then any woman who has ever expressed her sexuality in a certain way can be blamed for the violence committed against her. That is deeply troubling.

Since the Millane verdict there have been renewed calls for the law, in the UK at least, to be changed so men can no longer claim “sex game gone wrong” in court. The Labour MP Harriet Harman has led the charge, calling it the new version of the “nagging and shagging” or “provocation” defence that was banned in 2010. Boris Johnson also backs a ban, according to Grazia magazine.

Such a ban cannot come soon enough. Without it, men will continue to blame their victims for the fatal violence committed against them. Violent men will continue to claim that bruises and cuts are proof of their victim’s consent, as opposed to marks of aggression. And women and families will continue to be re-victimised by lurid claims like those directed at Grace. Claims she could not defend herself against because he took away her voice. He took away her life.

Sian Norris is a freelance journalist writing about feminist and LGBTIQ issues


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