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Comparing FOREO LUNA 2 vs. LUNA Mini vs. Other Models



While I’m all about budget-friendly products, sometimes a splurge is 100% justified. I consider beauty tools a great investment, specifically when they’re one-time purchases (or once in a while purchases). Case in point: skin care devices. They help you get the most out of your products and can make a big difference in your skin care routine.

After years of using brush cleansing devices of the rotating or vibrating variety, I made the switch to the FOREO LUNA tools. The difference in performance and convenience was mind blowing, and I can’t imagine a time in the future where I won’t be loyal to this device. I’m done spending money replacing dingy or fraying brush heads…ain’t nobody got time for that!

I started on the LUNA mini and used it for nearly three years, and eventually upgraded to the full size LUNA. There are also several other models to cater to different lifestyles and skin care needs. What are the differences, and which FOREO LUNA is right for you?

What you’ll find with all FOREO LUNA devices:

The silicone touchpoints don’t hold on to what you’re washing off. They’re non-porous, quick drying and are 35x more hygienic than brush cleansers. There are no parts of this device you ever need to replace, either!

The vibrations, or T-Sonic pulsations, deeply cleans and gently exfoliate. They help remove up to 99.5% of dirt and oil, plus dead skin cells and makeup residue. All devices deliver 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute!

LUNA devices come with a 2 year warranty— if anything goes wrong, they’ll ship you a new one for free!

Which FOREO LUNA Should I Get? What's the difference between the FOREO LUNA and mini, and the go and play? Read this quick comparison of all current FOREO LUNA cleansing device models. | Slashed Beauty
LUNA 2, LUNA mini 2, LUNA play plus

What is the difference between FOREO LUNA and mini, go and play?

Size, price and skin type options set each device apart from one another. Here are the details on each device for the most recent model.

FOREO LUNA Comparison: FOREO LUNA vs LUNA mini, LUNA go & LUNA play | Slashed Beauty

LUNA 3 ($199)
This model has 16 power levels, and is the largest size available. The LUNA 3 is available in three versions to cater to Normal, Combination, or Sensitive Skin with slightly different touchpoint shapes on each. Aside from cleansing, it features a lower-frequency mode to use for massaging the face with the ridges on the back side that offer anti-aging benefits. This model is rechargeable and can be used 650 times on a single charge! The Luna 3 is now bluetooth enabled to connect with the FOREO app. Fully waterproof so you can even use it in the shower!

LUNA mini 3 ($159)
The mini has twelve intensities and two modes: cleansing and “Glow Boost” which is a timed 30-second cleanse. The mini has thin and flexible touchpoints on the front of the device to target normal areas, with the larger sizes on the back to target oily areas like the T-Zone. This model is rechargeable, can be used up to 400 times on one charge, and compatible with the FOREO app via bluetooth. While there aren’t skin-specific bristles, you can choose your mini in fun colors. Fully waterproof.

LUNA go ($99)
The LUNA go has the benefits of the full-size squeezed into a compact version, perfect for traveling or for your gym bag. You get a variety of touch points on front with the anti-aging massage feature on the back. It’s available in four versions for Normal, Combination, Sensitive and Oily skin concerns. There are only two modes/intensities with the LUNA go: cleansing and anti-aging which are toggled between the single button on the back. The LUNA go is rechargeable and can be used up to 60 on a single charge. Fully waterproof.

LUNA play plus ($49)
The LUNA play plus is similar to the go, but with only one cleansing mode that is auto-timed for 60 seconds. It’s a one-version-fits-all-skin-types design, but there are seven color options. This model takes one AAA battery which will give you about 400 uses before needing to be replaced. Fully waterproof.

LUNA play ($39)
Finally, we have the LUNA play which slightly smaller than the play plus, and does not have a rechargeable or replaceable battery. It has 100 uses, and then the device stops working and needs to be replaced entirely. Because of this, it’s my least favorite model but perhaps a good way to test out the feel of the LUNAs before buying into one of the more expensive models. I’d still personally spend the extra $10 and get the one that takes a AAA battery, though.

Which FOREO LUNA Should You Get?

Which FOREO LUNA Should I Get? What's the difference between the FOREO LUNA and mini, and the go and play? Read this quick comparison of all current FOREO LUNA cleansing device models. | Slashed Beauty
FOREO LUNA mini 2, LUNA 2, & play plus

It can be a little overwhelming when you’re trying to decide between all of these models, which FOREO LUNA to get. When you get down to it, the main points to consider are your budget, whether you want touchpoints customized to your skin type, and whether you want a rechargeable device.

First of all, I would definitely recommend going for one of the rechargeable models because they last so long on one charge. I’ve owned both a mini and a full-size LUNA and I’ve never actually run out of juice before charging it. I usually just decide to charge it once in a while to make sure I’m topped up.

Which FOREO LUNA Should I Get? What's the difference between the FOREO LUNA and mini, and the go and play? Read this quick comparison of all current FOREO LUNA cleansing device models. | Slashed Beauty

If you like the features of the more expensive models but are having a hard time pulling the trigger, check out the older generation of the same product. I have been using a LUNA 2 for a year and a half now and don’t have any issues or desire to upgrade to the latest model. Now that the 3 is out, the price of the 2 has decreased to $169. While there are some big differences between the two, you will still get a lot of great benefits by going with an older release, which is still backed by their warranty.

Where can you buy a FOREO LUNA device?

FOREO LUNA devices are sold on the brand’s website, at Sephora and at Ulta Beauty.


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