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4 simple ways to suceed in cutting out sugar



Dr Michael Mosley shares his four top tips on the no sugar diet

It’s a familiar scene: the empty chocolate box, the litter of sweet-wrappers, the feelings of never-again, tinged with an underlying desire for more. We don’t need the scientists to tell us how addictive sugar is.

But there are ways to crack the sugar habit and stick to a no sugar diet, says Dr Michael Mosley, creator of the Fast800 programme.

Here are four easy to remember tips from him and his medical team to help beat the sugar cravings and stick to a no sugar diet…

No sugar diet tips

It doesn’t have to be difficult, just follow these quick and easy rules to help avoid the sweet stuff and keep sugar cravings at bay.

1. Go full fat

Always chose the full-fat option – low fat generally means all the good stuff has been removed and has been replaced with sugar and additives. Full-fat products will keep you feeling fuller for longer and are great for a no sugar diet.

2. Drink water

Soft drinks and fruit juices contain a large amount of sugar. If you feel like mixing it up, try sparkling water with a wedge of lemon and some cucumber.

3. Read food labels

There are many sources of hidden sugars and it’s important to check the label to see just how much sugar you’re consuming. You may be surprised about what you can’t eat on a no sugar diet, even staples like bread often have sugar in them.

4. Cook meals from scratch

If you cook it yourself you can be 100% certain you aren’t consuming sugar. We recommend batch cooking and freezing so that it’s not tempting to cheat when your tired at the end of a day.

Visit and find more no sugar diet tips and sugar-free recipes to help you counter sugar addiction, lose weight, improve mood, reduce blood pressure, inflammation and improve blood sugar levels.

Why sugar is addictive?

The key to stoping cravings and being successful on a no sugar diet is to understand how sugar addiction works. From the first bite, consuming sugary food triggers a cascade of neural events that leads to a powerful urge to keep eating.

After eating sugar, dopamine, one of the neurotransmiters responsible for feelings of happiness, is released in the midbrain. We feel good and our desire to consume more sugar kicks in.

Studies have proven that the neural chains transmitting pleasure from eating sugar are very similar to those activated by cocaine and heroin. Neuroimaging has shown structural similarities between the brains of obese people and those with established hard-drug addictions. And studies on rats have found that when rodents are denied sugar after a long period of dependency, they exhibit symptoms similar to opiate withdrawal, such as teeth-chattering, head tremor and forepaw shakes. Yikes!

Conventional diets often drive us to crave sugar. They lock you into a state of hunger, switching your attention towards, rather than away from, high-calorie, sugar loaded foods. For many breaking the diet becomes inevitable, and their sugar addiction worsens.

Why eating too much sugar is bad for you

A growing dependency on sugary food presents an “insulin overload” effect.

If we consume sugar constantly, the body has to release insulin constantly, in order to transport glucose into cell walls. But our insulin receptors are not designed to work continuously. In order to remain sufficiently primed for an insulin signal, they need downtime.

Without it, they gradually become desensitized, and so cells struggle to take up glucose. This is why when you’re overweight, even a normal-sized portion of sugary food fails to satisfy, driving you to eat more and more.


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Kuch Na Baaki Raha – Female Version | Urmila Varu | Jitendra Singh Tomar | Music Fitoor



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🔹Assistant Director – Niraj Shojan
🔹D.O.P – Jitendra Kumar
🔹Post Production – J.S.T Films
🔹Producer – Amar Parmar
🔹Makeup – Badshah & Suraj Maurya
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Gwyneth Paltrow has capitalized on vaginal shame and celebration | Arwa Mahdawi | Opinion



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Gwyneth Paltrow: queen of the vagina-industrial complex

Dreadful news everyone: the infamous Gwyneth Paltrow vagina candle is now sold out. If you were hoping to part with $75 in order to get your hands on a candle with “This Smells Like My Vagina” emblazoned on it then 1) get help, 2) don’t worry, I’m sure Paltrow will be bringing out some more vagina-themed merchandise soon.

Love her or hate her, you’ve got to admit that Paltrow is a goddamn genius; the woman has her perfectly moisturized fingers on the zeitgeist like nobody else. She has turned Goop, her lifestyle brand, into a $250m business via a perfectly honed formula of aspiration and irritation. She doesn’t care if we laugh at her $956 toilet paper or $66 jade vagina eggs; she doesn’t care if we write angry articles about how she’s peddling dangerous pseudoscience. She knows that all publicity is good publicity; as she has proudly stated: “I can monetize those eyeballs.”

And it’s not just eyeballs that the wellness entrepreneur has successfully monetized – it’s vaginas. There’s an amazing bit in Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s 2018 interview with Paltrow, where the Goop goddess talks to Harvard Business School students about some of the contentious advice on her site – for example, the idea that vagina jade eggs “do everything from fix your hormone levels to help with bladder control”. This content isn’t clickbait, Paltrow tells the class; she’s way too classy for that – “It’s a cultural firestorm when it’s about a woman’s vagina.” Paltrow reportedly then cupped her hands around her mouth and yodeled “VAGINA! VAGINA! VAGINA!”

Paltrow isn’t the only one snatching a profit from vagina-themed merchandise. The vagina-industrial complex is booming. 2017 saw a run on vagina necklaces. In 2018 models wearing vagina wigs (merkins) strutted down the catwalk at New York Fashion Week. In 2019, the world’s first vagina museum opened in London. Basically, if you put “vagina” in front of a random noun and Google it, the product probably exists. There’s vagina lipstick and vagina moisturizer and vagina egg art. And, of course, there are now vagina candles.

So why are vaginas suddenly everywhere? Well, as Dr Jen Gunter, a California gynecologist who has built a name for herself by debunking Paltrow’s bad advice – and authored a book called the Vagina Bible – noted in a recent interview “there’s a lot of money in vaginal shame”. Women have been conditioned to think their bodies are “dirty” or abnormal since the beginning of time; the rise of “wellness’ has seen a boom in products, like vaginal wipes, designed to “fix” problems that don’t exist. “I have noticed a huge increase in what I can only describe as women being ‘vaginally hyperaware’,” Gunter told NPR last year.

There may be money in shame, but there’s also a lot of cash in vaginal celebration. Reproductive rights have been top of mind in the Trump era; vaginas, like the pink pussyhats at the Women’s March, have become a symbol of “resistance”. And then, of course, there’s the fact that a certain type of corporate feminism has become very fashionable. The amazing thing about Paltrow is that she’s capitalized on both vaginal shame and celebration. She’s built a completely symbiotic vagina economy.

Women hold more jobs than men for first time in nearly a decade

Women in the US held 50.04% of jobs last month, according to new labor department data. This is only the second time in history that women have held more jobs than men; the first time was during the 2007-2009 recession, which was also nicknamed the “Mancession” because layoffs hit men first. Unfortunately, while women might now outnumber men in the job market we are still getting paid a hell of a lot less.

Karlie Kloss, Ivanka’s sister-in-law, is going to vote Democrat in 2020

Kloss is married to Jared Kushner’s brother but says she won’t vote for Trump. Perhaps she can have a word or two with Ivanka and persuade her to defect.

Hong Kong Express Airways made a passenger take a pregnancy test

The airline has apologised for asking 25-year-old Midori Nishida to take a pregnancy before flying from Hong Kong to to the island of Saipan, a US territory in the Pacific. Staff were apparently worried that Nishida was going to the island to give birth for immigration reasons. Nishida was not pregnant but she was, understandably, pretty upset at having to pee on a stick before being allowed to board.

Anon was a woman – and she still is

This chilling longread, Whatever Happened To ____? , is well worth your time. It’s an anonymous piece by a woman whose husband, a failed writer, was so jealous of her success that he became violent. “So what I mean when I say that it’s different being a woman writer, and particularly a mother who is also a writer, is that I don’t think male authors are physically assaulted by their spouses for gaining a modicum of success,” she writes. How many women’s names don’t we know because their voices and careers were silenced by an insecure spouse?

The week in pet-riarchy

Spotify has released a podcast for dogs to soothe them when they are home alone. I tried one episode (“Pup Fiction”) out on my dog, Rascal. Hard to tell if he enjoyed it really. Don’t want to Bragg, but I think he might be more of an In Our Time sort of pup.


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